Monday, March 7, 2011

Yeah, I'd Go Running...if it Weren't for These Damn Knees!

When people discover I run and by discover, I mean I inform them what a pretentious bastard I am by the about of land I covered the previous night - usually they add in that "Well I'd run, but I just don't have the knees for it" or perhaps "I get sore if I run too long." Go ahead, I'll give you some time to think about this before continuing on.

I'm not really sure how this thought process prevails as a legitimate excuse to one's self, but clearly it must be working as these people continue to simply not exercise (america is rather overweight last time I checked). However, a common trend amongst the physically unfit is being the first point out healthy activities that require no physical exertion.

"Oh you know, tea is so good for you."
"Eating organic food prevents cancer."
"Did you know during your average workday you walk half a mile?"

I need not even be curious as to why these people are so quick to point out a short cut to physical fitness. My only guess is that they believe they've found a loophole in the system and beaten someone like know what. I'm a bad example. Let's use my brother. The tri-athlete. No wait, still not good enough. Let's use Dean Karnazes, the ultramarathon runner. Here's a guy that ran two marathons back to back (thats 52 some miles) and during which he ordered a pizza, drank two Starbuck's lattes, and an order of baklava. He ate/drank this whilst running. WHILST! THATS MORE SERIOUS THAN "WHILE." He's the same guy who did a marathon everyday for a month.

Secondly, these individuals are rather reluctant to have you point out the holes in their logic and supporting evidence. No doubt, tea probably has some kind of benefit...but I can't imagine the quantities you would have to consume to actually have something of a noticeable benefit. Eating organic foods prevent cancer? That isn't even worth my time, at least in this post.

The next time someone says they wish they could run if it weren't for their damn knees, ask them if they've been on a scale recently.

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