Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft, you lied to me.

As most of you know, or my friends would tell you. There is no company I pledge greater allegiance to than that of Microsoft. Windows has standardized my world, the Xbox 360 was my media extension out of it and coupled with games was phenomenal, Zune was how I listened to the best music around and never paid for per song for it. My first email address I ever created is still my email address to do and has become my de facto Live ID. My passion further evolved entering college and discovering this incredibly thing known as the .NET Framework. Venturing down the path of an IT guy at Purdue, Windows Server was a pleasure to administer clients with...my life from the start of my IT career at the age of nine to where it's carried me now is one that I've shared with Microsoft the whole time.

And I have nothing but good, fantastic, and wonderful things to say about the truly glorious ecosystem Microsoft has created. Office Live? App Hub? Tech Net? One sign on to rule them all - my Live ID is the only identity on the block and let me tell you I can't imagine my life without it. My Phone? Live Mesh? - Yes, these products helped me make the most of my college life and thrive with real-time collaboration for free. Something competitors could only dream of doing but only one company was capable of. Oh Microsoft, you've done nothing but right as far as I'm concerned.

But let's get serious. Let's be honest. You lied to me about the ZuneHD and more importantly knowingly shot yourself in the foot with it's lifespan.

I remember darting out of a class that November morning and practically racing to Best Buy with a friend. "A 16gb ZuneHD please," i said. Upon which I was returned with this beautiful package. This device that was going to change everything. Microsoft's answer to that iPhone garbage that didn't fit anywhere into my life. The device for people who love music, and finally offering touch and eventual Xbox titles.

But that didn't come. Well it did, just in the worst selection of applications for the device imaginable. This wasn't the answer to the iPhone or iPod Touch, this was just a failed product. But I got over it. I was perfectly fine with my WinMo 6.5 phone and my ZuneHD. Sure my ZuneHD couldn't join hidden wireless networks (still can't, guess you stopped caring) and sure it didn't have a marketplace of any real value. But I put up with it. I had a superior mobile media experience and that was honestly enough for me.

Then s&#t got real. Windows Phone 7 was announced and you decided to completely forget about this other product you had created. At first I was thrilled, I thought "Backwards Apple strategy, device then phone. Nice. Totally behind you company I love like their is no tomorrow." Then came the hardware requirements - "Three buttons are mandatory, back, home, and search."

Get. The. Hell. Out.

ZuneHD was dead, the device i had been so insanely excited for and two of my friends bought because of my push and envy of mine...you had just killed instantly.

Microsoft, all I'm saying is I feel as though you lied to me and your true Zune followers. The ones actually responsible for whatever small percentage of the market you owned. 2%? 5% 10% I didn't care what the number (and still don't) was because I loved that device and still own it. Yet everytime I look at it I not only scoff but realize how TRULY much it pales in comparison to my Windows Phone 7 device. It's a Microsoft device that no longer fits into my life and let me tell you it truly pains me to say that. You have the money. You have the power. You have EVERYTHING you need to drive a certain competitor straight into the ground and I can not begin tell you how bad I want this to happen.

Office 2010. Sharepoint 2010. CRM2011. Visual Studio. ASP.NET. Server 2003 and 2008. Exchange 2010. Need I keep listing all the technologies you have nothing but my complete unwavering support on? I have cast my ballot for Microsoft in EVERY possible way I can...but I can't forgive you for the ZuneHD and my wasted, but your clearly earned, money.


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